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There are several definitions out of “homosexual deal with,” along with this derogatory doozy:

There are several definitions out of “homosexual deal with,” along with this derogatory doozy:

I really like the Urban Dictionary because grabs man’s skills and accessibility phrases and words independent of its real definition; it is for this reason as much a determine from people therapy because it is an excellent compendium off slang.

“A guy, usually homosexual, having a clearly effete face framework with extremely specific has actually; a powerful jawline [sic] you to definitely lacks stature, area involving the vision one keep in mind those with down disorder [sic], and you can an inclining, long temple.”

I found myself interested sufficient on Rule’s findings to seem up “gay face” from the Urban Dictionary, a famous Webpages that gives everyday, user-discussed significance regarding everyday (tend to crass) sayings

Today, one to one’s as an alternative dumb and sensationalized-even politically believe-and there’s no medical proof in support of such says regarding the “mongoloid” attributes of gay men’s room faces. However, will there be an excellent kernel from truth to a different definition regarding “homosexual deal with” from the Urban Dictionary:

“Gay guys do not vary from upright men regarding the size and shape of any facial element. As an alternative, the use of certain terms could become ingrained in the musculature of face throughout the years. Since effeminate gay men make use of equivalent face words once the female, they produce ladies aging and you can muscle contraction models within their deal with. Instance, gay deal with includes tightness inside the mouth area of pursing the brand new mouth, a facial term popular to homosexual someone-although not so you’re able to heterosexual boys. Continua..