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Flavit Jehovah mais aussi Dissipati Sunt” (“Jehovah” when you look at the Hebrew script) = “Goodness blew, and they was strewn

Flavit Jehovah mais aussi Dissipati Sunt” (“Jehovah” when you look at the Hebrew script) = “Goodness blew, and they was strewn

This can be probably the most commonly known of all of the medals (thirteen in every is recorded from the Fernandez Duro) issued within the England and you may Holland to propagandize the beautiful overcome regarding the latest Foreign language Armada. The brand new obverse displays a rocky islet–a church building on it (representing brand new Chapel from The united kingdomt) stays unmoved by stormy oceans and therefore overcome up against the rocks. The newest legend, during the an adjoining edging, “Allidor Low Laedor” tends to be paraphrased while the: “The fresh swells break up against me personally, however, I’m not busted.” On the opposite was a great naval race scene, toward legend during the encompassing edging: “1588. “

It medal, using its frequently cited legend “Flavit Jehovah

” considerably promoted the concept your Armada are outdone by the unfavorable weather; in fact, it was merely a tiny an element of the result in, as Foreign-language fleet was at complete haven home whenever nearly all their vessels was indeed destroyed of the tempests.

Cesareo Fernandez Duro, La Armada Invencible , We, 218, zero. 9; Michael Lewis, This new Language Armada , p. 186, and you may bristlr giriÅŸ fig. 31-thirty two.

ARMADA MEDALS. Around three medals, a couple of with the gold, you to definitely towards copper, commemorating this new overcome of one’s Spanish Armada. fifty, 29, and you may 31 mm. diameter (another and you may 3rd come from an identical die). From inside the a cloth get rid of case having tie.

Such medals vividly screen brand new rejoicing and therefore spread all over Protestant Europe when Philip II’s threatened conquest off England stumbled on grief. They are a sixteenth millennium propaganda medium, into reduced of those, especially the that on the copper, released widely one of the anybody and you can bequeath the headlines actually among the brand new illiterate.

The fresh new 50 mm. medal reveals a dynamic world away from an excellent Spanish galleon splitting up on the a rock, having a good galley and several most other galleons on the records. Significantly more than this is actually the legend “Veni Vide Vive. 1588,” plus the newest border up to “Tu Magnus Deus ainsi que Magna Facis. Tu Solus Deus.” The opposite shows this new Pope, the fresh new Emperor, Philip II and differing prelates and noblemen, all sitting blindfolded, the help of its ft asleep on the a bed out of surges, an excellent legend significantly more than “O Coecas Hominum Mentes O Pectora Coeca,” and something regarding border as much as “Durum Est Contra Stimulos Calcitrare.” That is of course a beneficial sneer from the disappointment of Philip’s additionally the Pope’s dreams of the brand new conquest out-of The united kingdomt.

Community Chart, in 2 hemispheres, engraved otherwise struck into silver, and you may bearing the brand new track of Drake’s 1577-1580 circumnavigation of the earth

The new 31 mm. medals (towards the gold and you may copper) show to your obverse an excellent Spanish galleon striking a stone and you may cracking, having legend from the related edging “Hispani Fugiunt Ainsi que Periunt Nemine Sequente”; into the opposite, men, woman, son and you may girl, on their hips hoping. Below her or him ‘s the go out 1588, while the legend in the edging “Homo Proponit Deus Disponit.”

MERCATOR, MICHAEL. 68 mm. diameter, with a small tang projecting 2 mm. at North Rod, pierced that have a minute hole. Lbs, 383 grains Troy. From inside the a yellow fabric circumstances.

A marvelous instance of the newest Drake Gold Map otherwise Gold Medal, an element commemorating Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the planet, as well as in alone a treasure of your artwork and you can science out-of cartography. Which sample bears the following inscription ( extant just with this content ), for the an effective cartouche from the oceanic regions below Africa: “Micha:[el] Merca:[tor] fecit[.] extat Londi[ni] prope templu Gallo:[rum] An[n]o 1589.*”; (trans.) “Michael Mercator made (this). It is available at London around the chapel of your Frenchmen, 1589.” As we know regarding John Stow, step 1 the fresh French church was in the outdated strengthening identified previously due to the fact Hospital out-of St. Anthony out-of Vienna, made in 1231 a beneficial synagogue, appropriate expropriated, and you will once again expropriated from inside the Henry VIII’s rule.